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Intuitive Counseling and Strategy

In addition to becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist, Cynthia has maintained an active Intuitive Counseling and Strategy practice and has done over 10,000 sessions for people around the world. She uses a combination of Intuitive insight and business and relationship acumen to help men and women lead better more prosperous lives. Visit her testimonials pages to hear what people have to say.  Areas Cynthia can help you with:

  • Relationships and Dating
  • Marriage
  • Pregnancy and Child Rearing
  • Smart Divorce
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Career and Salary Negotiation
  • Business ideation and strategy
  • Legal Battles / EEOC complaints

Cynthia is a successful business person in her own right and was an owner / operator of two 24 hour fast food franchises with 42 employees. Building on her practical experience and entirely unique intuitive insights she has successfully accomplished the following for her private confidential clients:

  • Instrumental in closing a $10mm settlement against a major corporation
  • Worked with clients to recover over $500,000 from fraudulent investments
  • Helped negotiate multiple divorces for both men and women
  • Strategized major donor funding options for large public museums
  • Helped grow single location business to four locations with diversified services
  • Took a failing restaurant and returned it to a solvent cash flowing business.
  • Helped negotiate a million dollar real estate settlement
  • Successfully strategized discrimination lawsuit
  • Has helped with multiple EEOC complains, planning, filing and settling

Cynthia’s unique gifts and experience help her address client issues in lateral and emotionally fulfilling ways. In addition to solving problems, Cynthia builds emotional resilience and intellectual awareness in her clients.