Cynthia Chauvin – Intuitive Counselor FAQ

How long has Cynthia been an Intuitive Counselor?

Cynthia comes from a family of intuitives and healers. She has personally been intuitive since she died while giving birth to her daughter. Since that time, she has given over 10,000 Intuitive Counseling sessions for people just like you.

What is a session like?

“I am entertaining and yet serious. After all, who wants to read a boring book just for facts? I try to give the information sincerely, honestly and with wit. Life is too long not to see the humor in ourselves.”

How does Cynthia work?

“I sit down and we have a conversation. Through the conversation comes the information. Picture Lionel with his dust cloud. Our personal story revolves around us in an energetic cloud. When I read, I read your energy, the story that surrounds you. Our conversation stirs this “cloud.” It’s similar to when you cook vegetable soup. When you stir the soup, the vegetables come to the top. Our conversation brings the more important information to the surface. From there your questions are answered and unsolicited information is delivered through me to you. I am not a clairvoyant, clairaudient or clair anything – I just know. And when we talk and stir your “cloud,” it is this “just knowing” that comes through.”

What is an Intuitive Counselor?

“We are all naturally intuitive but just like everyone is not meant to be a doctor or a lawyer or a pro baseball player, not everyone is not meant to be a professional counselor. This is my natural proclivity just as some people have a natural talent to play the piano. And just as a pianist must practice to become the best they can be I have been working very hard to be the best I can be for nearly 15 years.”

How do I know if someone is a good intuitive?

“I believe a good Intuitive Counselor delivers you to your information as clearly and without judgment as possible, always empowering you with your information to make more informed choices. A good counseling session is never ever about the Intuitive Counselor. It’s about you. They also will help you see your questions as well as your answers with a broader picture. They are the mirror from which you can see yourself. This bears repeating and emphasizing – a good Intuitive Counselor is a mirror which you can see yourself, your path, your opportunities clearly. A good Intuitive Counselor leads you to your own guidance, that which is your divine right, never their personal opinion.”

Why does Cynthia do Hypnosis?

After many years of helping people see and understand their circumstances, repetitive patterns and unique talents and possibilities Cynthia added Hypnotherapy, NLP and Brief Psychotherapy to her services. She felt strongly that she needed to add Hypnosis, EMI and EFT as a resource to aid her client’s future happiness, success and health. Since that time she has helped hundreds of men, women and children overcome anxiety, phobia and limiting beliefs while at the same time engendering new healthy and helpful patterns of thought for her clients.

Why does Cynthia record her sessions for her clients?

“I prefer recording my sessions for the exactness of the reading instead of the memory of the counselor or the client. What is said is recorded and can be played back exactly without interpretation or recollection. As sometimes sensitive information ends up on tapes, it is wise to put those tapes in a private location. I strongly recommend listening to tapes six months or so later. People often find that the reading was 110% correct, but initial interpretations were incorrect. Not “right” or “wrong” — just not correct. It lends certain perspective and things are often clearer after time.

A good example of why digitally recording works is as follows. I’m paraphrasing here as this is a real story. A client wanted to start their own business but was currently employed. In the reading it came out that they would be paid until they opened their store. We both initially interpreted that as they would have a job until they opened their store. In reality, the job ended but they were paid severance until they opened their store. So the information was spot on, but the initial interpretation was incorrect. This is why I record because on the digital file it said clearly – “You will be paid until you open your store.”

How do I tell if a Intuitive Counselor is the “right” one for me?

“It is always my suggestion to check the people out you invite into your world, anyone at all really, with your own intuitiion. A good way of doing this is to literally sleep on it. Here is one technique you can do in your sleep. Before you go to bed ask to get in touch with your higher self then place a simple suggestion for communication such as, “If I should call this person for a reading please shake my right hand for yes and my left hand for no.” Write down the request and which hand means what. Do this every night before bed until you get an answer. It’s a twitch that comes through, your arm or leg or hand will just voluntarily jump. You’ll know it when it happens. The old saying “Ask and you shall receive” works.”

Session Recordings

Each session is recorded for your convenience, as a “gratuity.”  The fee that is paid is for a block of time, not for the recording of the reading. If you want to absolutely insure that you get a recording of your session, please make a point to record it yourself in the way that you can.  Cynthia does not guarantee the delivery of your reading. Again, the fee that is paid is for the time spent with Cynthia, not for the file delivery of the recorded session.  All files are sent in standard Windows and Mac* compatible audio format.

Session Recordings Technical FAQ

We record readings for the client’s convenience. The files that we produce, are emailed to you in a Windows and Mac* compatible audio file via file transfer services like Clients must have an email account to get their reading. The download links sent expire shortly after they are sent, so it is incumbent on the client to download the file in a timely manner. We do not provide CDs or cassette tapes of readings. Please note that we cannot provide phone or email support. *Mac users may need to download FLIP4MAC – a free addition to Quicktime that allows Macs to play windows files.