Cynthia Chauvin – Hypnosis FAQ

Where did Cynthia Receive Her Certification? 

Cynthia recieved her Certification in Brief Eriksonian Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming from the Mid Atlantic Hypnosis Training Academy. She was certified Ron Klien who is a master instructor with over 30 years in clinical hypnosis intruction. Mr. Klien trains health care professionals including Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Social Workers. Mr. Klien has studied with the foremost leaders in hypnotherapy including Richard Bandler, John Grinder and Richard Dilts.


What Professional Associations Does Cynthia Belong To?

Cynthia is a member of IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists) and is required to maintain her certification by attending continuing training on an annual basis.

What is Hypnosis? (Answer: A process to facilitate focused creative attention)

Hypnosis is the method of achieving “trance states.” Trance is facilitated through “hypnotic language patterns” that include guided three dimensional visualization, metaphors and stories, suggestion and other techniques.

What is “Trance?” (Answer: Focused creative attention)

Trance is a natural state of focused attention, often very relaxing. Everyone has been in trance nearly every day. A perfect example everyone has experienced, is driving in the car listening to music and not remembering part of the drive. This is a typical version of “daily trance.” Some experts believe that most people are in trance at some point every day. Any experience where time slips away is an indicator of positive trance. Petting a kitten or a puppy are perfect examples of positive trances.

Is All Trance Relaxed?

No. Overreacting to situations in life could be considered a form of negative trance.

What can Hypnosis and Positive Relaxing Trance be used for?

Most commonly, Hypnosis and NLP are used to help people remove unwanted behavior, involuntary reactions and debilitating blocks in their consciousness that prevent them from moving forward and achieving their goals in life. Other areas are phobias, stress reduction, interpersonal issues, academic performance, motivation and creativity, anxiety and even working with specific cases of PTSD.

Common Misconceptions about Hypnosis

Can I be told to do something against my will? –  You do not lose your moral compass and you will not do anything against your will.

Will I fall asleep? – Generally clients are focused and awake. At the deepest level of relaxed trance clients still respond to suggestions.

What will I do under hypnosis? – Goals and outcomes are discussed in advance of sessions, and it is those outcomes we work towards together.

Can I move? – Of course, most NLP and Brief Eriksonian Hypnosis has the client at some level of physical activity. Some techniques even require the client to be moving their hands.  However, there are cases where the client may wish not to move some part of their body, such as their hand, in order to understand that they are in hypnosis.

Will I remember the session? – Each person’s experience of hypnosis is unique. Some people remember everything that is said, others may let their minds drift.

How will I know if I’ve been hypnotized? – Most people innately will know that they have had a subjective helpful and relaxing experience. One key feature is that time seems “to fly.”

How is Hypnosis different from an Intuitive Counseling session with Cynthia?

Hypnosis and NLP are a specific, effective and proven set of techniques using linguistics, grammar, visualization and trance to help people remove unwanted behavior. An Intuitive Counseling session is the actual “tuning in” to a person’s larger self to help the individual see “further down the road” of life. While an Intuitive Counseling session can determine what the roadblocks are, it often takes hypnosis and NLP to remove the blocks.

Session Recordings

At your specific request a hypnosis session can recorded for your convenience. This applies to “deep trance” sessions and not to NLP structured interventions for such issues as phobias. Recordings are done as a “gratuity.”  The fee that is paid is for a block of time, not for the recording of the session. If you want to absolutely insure that you get a recording of your session, please make a point to record it yourself in the way that you can.  Cynthia does not guarantee the recording or delivery of your session recording. Again, the fee that is paid is for the time spent with Cynthia, not for the file delivery of the recorded session.  All files are sent in standard mp3 audio format usually the next day.

Session Recordings Technical FAQ

We record session at clients’ request and for the client’s convenience in mp3 audio format. The download links sent via email and expire shortly after they are sent, so it is incumbent on the client to download the file in a timely manner.  Technical problems can happen and Cynthia does not guarantee the recording or delivery of your session recording.

Individuals should never listen to hypnosis audio recorded during sessions, purchased from this website, or from any other source while driving, operating heavy machinery, or doing anything which requires attention for safety. Hypnosis audio should only be listened to in safe settings where you can relax fully.

Session Recordings – Additional Terms and Copyright

Please note that the copyright for the proprietary techniques used during hypnosis sessions are solely owned by Cynthia Chauvin Miles, Two Dragons International Inc. (dba National Hypnosis) and that session recordings and / or the proprietary techniques used in them cannot be sold or distributed in any way