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Cynthia is an Intuitive, experienced business person and a 5 star rated Certified Hypnotherapist.

Her intuitive gift has been with her for her entire life. Her business understanding comes from running two franchises with 42 employees for 13 years. She has since consulted with businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large organizations, advising the stakeholders on their path to success.

Cynthia received her NLP and Hypnotherapy certification from the Mid-Atlantic Training Institute with over 1200 hours of training and is a member of IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists). She has also trained with Richard Bandler the inventor of NLP. She has worked with hundreds of adults, teenagers and children to help them overcome fears, phobias, emotional trauma, as well as limiting beliefs about money, career issues and most specifically relationships. 

If you have questions prior to booking an appointment, please review the Hypnotherapy FAQ and the Intuitive Counseling FAQ. You can also read and listen to the many customer hypnotherapy testimonials or intuitive reading testimonials. If you’d like to hear more of what Cynthia has to say, listen to one of her many podcasts on relationships and life.

If you have further questions about hypnotherapy and NLPt, please feel free to contact the office for a free 20 minute phone consultation. No services are provided during these consultations.



Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapy (NLPt)

Hypnotherapy and NLPt are a set of powerful techniques that help clients overcome phobias, fears, anxiety and a host of other issues in a one, two or three session format.  This is emotional healing work, and these certified and proven techniques are used by hundreds of trained therapists, certified practitioners and health care professionals around the world help clients address issues quickly and effectively.

Clients seeking help with the following are good candidates for NLPt: 

  • Better relationships
  • Anxiety and Stress
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Yo-Yo dieting and weight gain
  • Bad habits
  • Improved sleep

While Cynthia helps adults, teenagers and children with specific issues, her specialty is helping her clients have better relationships in life, work and family by surfacing and overcoming issues driven from childhood experience.

If you have a fear or phobia you are a candidate for NLPt. If you are not as successful in your life as you want to be and feel like there is something holding you back, you are a candidate for NLPt.  If you find yourself in repetitive bad relationships at home, at work, or with your family, you are a candidate for Cynthia’s unique form of NLPt.



Intuitive Counseling – Single Session

An Intuitive Psychic Reading is one session. You can book 30 minute and 60 minute sessions.

If you have just a few questions about new or old relationships, a current job or career issues, or loved ones here or that have passed on, or even want to connect with your pet, an Intuitive Psychic Reading is right for you. 

Intuitive Counseling –  Multiple Sessions

Intuitive Coaching is the extension of the psychic reading. It is an Intuitive Psychic Reading played out in real time over a series of days, weeks and sometimes months.  People that seek Intuitive Coaching often are in the middle of a big life event such as: 

  • Significant business transactions
  • Employee issues
  • Career transitions
  • Extended Legal actions
  • Separations and divorces
  • Passing of a loved one

Figuring out the next best move during a major life event can often spell the difference between soaring success or complete failure. If you are you the type of person who wants as much information as possible to make the best decisions possible, Intuitive Coaching could be for you.




A Combination Intuitive Counseling, Hypnotherapy / NLPt and Coaching

How are these sessions different?

In an Intuitive Psychic Reading, questions are answered. The setting is not therapeutic but clients sometimes find emotional relief from gaining new perspectives. In an NLPt session, relationship issues, anxieties and their unconscious drivers are surfaced and addressed allowing people to have a better life. NLPt and Hypnotherapy is a specific process used everyday around the world. 

A Breakthrough Session is Intuitive Coaching and Hypnotherapy / NLPt powerfully blended to achieve breakthroughs in clients that have spent years engaged in traditional pathways. Clients not only get the time to work things through, they often get quick lasting relief, new perspectives and a clear path forward. 

In a Breakthrough Session Cynthia brings all her talent, technical ability and life experience to bear for intense 120 minute sessions helping her clients make positive breakthroughs on issues they’ve often spent years dealing with.

Breakthrough Sessions are for anyone seeking and committed to change including:

  • People who have been in traditional therapy but aren’t seeing results and need a resource that more accurately reflects their unique selves.
  • Mental health workers, therapists, medical doctors needing a unique outside perspective – someone to hear and aid in your unique vision of the world.
  • Healing arts practitioners and Spiritual Seekers who need to reconnect, recharge and rebalance.
  • Business leaders who need breakthroughs and clarity on their path forward.
  • Relationship seekers, who know they have so much to offer, and want to heal themselves and attract a partner that represents who they are.
  • Parents who seek to understand their children’s path and how it reflects on their path.
  • Adult children grappling with parental issues

If you’ve tried everything else, and need a mentor, a guide, and a person who has the experience and heart to bring your forward, a Breakthrough Session could be for you. 

Honor the part of you that wants to live a more fulfilling life



Intuitive Psychic Readings
1 hour session: $200 (specials available)
1/2 hour session: $100.00

Hypnotherapy & NLPt
1½ hour session: $175

Breakthrough Sessions
2 ½ – 3 hour session: $375

Office hours (Appointments Only)
Monday through Friday
10AM until 6:30PM (last session starts at 5:30 pm EST)
Occasional Saturdays are available by appointment. 

Payment Terms
New client appointments are pre-paid for new clients. Payment via credit card and Venmo are accepted. 

Arrivals and Cancellations
Please be prompt, and account for traffic if your session is in person, late arrivals are taken from session time.  Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. Actual emergencies are a part of life and are not charged. Multiple cancellations or missed appointments often point to lack of commitment to change and prevent other clients from getting help.

Client Communication
Emails or texts to book or change an appointment are accepted however a call is always appreciated and effective.  Emails, texts and phone messages other than for booking unfortunately cannot be read or answered. Services are provided in paid sessions only.

Terms and Conditions
All services are bound by our Terms and Conditions. A signed release is required from all clients. 

Session Recordings
Intuitive Readings and Deep Hypnosis sessions can be audio recorded for your convenience and with your permission, as a “gratuity.” Ownership and copyright of all sessions remain with Two Dragons Inc. (TDI) and Cynthia Chauvin Miles. TDI reserves the right to remove client information, anonymize the materials, and subsequently utilize, sell, distribute, license session recordings and any content generated by Cynthia Chauvin Miles during Intuitive Readings and Hypnotherapy sessions. At all times clients will remain anonymous. Certain NLP and structured phobia interventions are co-active and visual and not appropriate to an audio recording. Files are emailed to you as a standard MP3. We use internet delivery services such as Hightail to send the files, and you must have an email account in order to get your reading. The links sent expire shortly after they are sent, so it is incumbent on the client to download the file in a timely manner. We do not provide CDs or cassette tapes of readings.

Two Dragons International Inc (dba National Hypnosis), and Cynthia Chauvin does not guarantee the delivery of your session recording, the fee that is paid is for the time spent with an individual on the phone or in person, not for the file delivery of the recorded session.  All files are sent in standard Windows and Mac compatible MP3 format. No technical support can be provided.

As session recordings can contain personal information please provide an email address you know is secure and only accessible by you.

Disclaimer and Waiver of Liability.
To book an appointment you will need to agree to our Disclaimer and Waiver of Liability here.

Before using any of Cynthia’s services, you will need to read and agree to the Disclaimer and Waiver of Liability. For all Hypnotherapy sessions a signed release is also required.

Cynthia Chauvin CHT
Certified Hypnotherapist
47786 Scotsborough Square Potomac Falls, VA 20165
Member IACT – International Association of Counselors and Therapists
Member NGH – National Guild of Hypnotists
Member IMDHA – International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association

Phone sessions and video chat sessions available for U.S. and international clients including. Cynthia clients hail from all over including California, New York, China, England, Indonesia, Dubai and places in between.