Better Your Career! – How intuitive counseling can help you!- Testimonial for Cynthia’s intuitive counseling!

The Power of Take Ten!– Ellen tells us how powerful the Take Ten series of books are – and how they have helped her and her daughter!

A True Intuitive!– Ellen tells why Cynthia’s intuitive counseling is so special!

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Wow – our reading / meditation session was very powerful. During the reading the energy can get so high, it feels like I’m flying in the ether! However, my favorite part is the meditation. The are sooo intense. It didn’t hit me until I got home and had to to take a two hour nap. My body, mind and soul was integrating the experience and energy and it is still, after three days, integrating. Now, every time I hear (or say) my name, I just smiles. It makes me giddy inside. Thank you Cynthia! – S.L.

“Her insight, predictions and advice have been invaluable.”

If you are even slightly tempted to talk to an intuitive, Cynthia is the one I highly recommend. I had thought about contacting one for a long time before finding Cynthia. I have contacted her a few times a year over the last six years for advice and guidance on love, work and spiritual growth. Her insight, predictions and advice have been invaluable. She will give you the information you need to make good, solid decisions for yourself. Don’t hesitate – one reading and you will agree!

Jenny – Northern Virginia

“…my roommate read your book, she desperately needed it.”

I have been passing along your name to some friends and had my roommate read your book, she desperately needed it. I think it’s helping her as much as it helped me. Thanks!

Andee – Northern Virginia

“…helping me to really accept myself & feel good about ME again”

Just wanted to thank you for talking with me!! You were totally dead on right about everything (as usual)!! Haha. You have given me a lot to think about/ take in. And your talk has made me feel so much better; it’s helping me to really accept myself & feel good about ME again. 🙂

E. Kim – Northern Virginia

“… combines the gifts of a therapist, humorist and humanitarian.”

Cynthia has helped me so much over the years — she is an amazing intuitive who also combines the gifts of a therapist, humorist and humanitarian. I love working with her because it is the most fascinating kind of work: it’s the joy of discovery about your own life and potential. I think the most important thing to understand about Cynthia is that she channels the energy of unconditional love — a love that helps you, has compassion for you and does not judge you. She is a true gift from God who has enhanced my life immeasurably by giving me a richer, fuller and more compassionate understanding of my life here on Earth.

–Christa, Arlington, VA

“… with profound accuracy.”

“Cynthia has provided me with her uncanny intuition, often with profound accuracy, through portentous changes in my life. Her unique perspective during these intuitive readings has given me the courage to the benefit of adversity, the ability to remove emotion from discourse, and the strength to change myself for the better. She has taught me to heal myself, to accept responsibility for the outcome of my actions, and to appreciate giving freely to those in need without the anticipation of compensation. Many times when I have consulted her during what appeared to me as a desparate moment in my life, she keenly showed me the benefit and the inevitable positive outcome to this situation, after which she much have channeled her developed energies to me, for I often experienced an increase in vitality along with a more peaceful resolution to my situation. She is an intuit and an intense healer.”

Jayn A. Kelly, Arkansas

“I keep hearing your voice…”

“I keep hearing your voice as I make decisions, it is fascinating.”

Faith Carbary, Northern Virginia

“..amazingly accurate..”

“I have been working with Cynthia since July 2006. She has been amazingly accurate with details and timing – the best I’ve ever known — and has helped me tremendously with career, home and relationships.”

Gail, Alexandria, VA

“Saved the life of one of my sons..”

“Cynthia has consistently offered insightful/profound information. One particular piece of information saved the life of one of my sons. Cynthia advised me that one of my sons would suffer a life threatening event within a few days, and that he would be wearing a blue shirt on that day. Six days later he was wearing a blue shirt; he also was spending an unusual amount of time in his room that day. I kept a very close eye on him; around 10 pm he suffered a major seizure (the first of several). Thanks to Cynthia’s information which caused me to change my plans for that day, I was close by and able to seek immediate medical attention which saved his life.”

Cindy Pezzelle, Washington, DC

“She is truly an Angel…”

“I was introduced to Cynthia during a time in my life of huge changes. Not only has she guided me to a place of increased confidence and calm, in addition her sprititual gift, wisdom and kindness have brought clarity to my world. She solidifies my own doubts and fears and without judgement, has set me on the path that I need to discover for my own personal growth. She is truly an angel that I am so blessed to have met and I will be forever grateful!”

– Susan Bartholomew, New York, NY

“For everything you are, thank you Cynthia!”

“Cynthia has guided and helped me with her love for human-kind, her patience and her amazing gift. It is a blessing for me to know that I can call her when my life becomes overwhelming and scary . .she is right there. For everything you are, thank you Cynthia!”

– Angelique Graux , New York, NY

“Her predictions… have been accurate and comforting…”

“Cynthia has blessed me with her insight, spiritual guidance, intuition and friendship for 6 years. Through all of this time, she has been quick to offer humor and perspective without judgment. Her predictions of how situations will heal unfold and change have been accurate and comforting. Cynthia has proven to me that here is a plan that I cannot control, yet with her guidance can sometimes prepare for. It helps to have Cynthia ease the anxiety of the unknown out of the equation so that I can focus on choice and personal growth. She is quick to see the lessons in life, both for me and those around me.”

– Abby Jaffe , Baltimore, MD

“Cynthia has been a briliant intuitive voice for my life for ten years..”

“Cynthia Miles has been a brilliant intuitive voice for my life for ten years. With humor and unpretentiousness, she speaks with wisdom about love and truth and life. She has guided me to a greater understanding of how I might best honor my own path.”

– Tatiana (artist) of Tatiana Ltd., Glenelg, MD

“Now I don’t know what I would have done without her support and clarity…”

“I happened” upon Cynthia when my husband was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. She is one of the angels The Blessed Mother sent to help me not just cope with having a spouse in a cancer battle but to live and live well. Now, I don’t know what I would have done without her support and clarity. I have sent many dear friends to her.

-Kathleen Hanrahan, Falls Church, VA

“Midwife to my own growth and evolution…”

“Wisdom, a huge heart, delightful sense of humor, skill in healing arts, ability to access and articulate and make sense of the unknown, all without judging, and with unfailing faith–These are some of what make Cynthia such a cherished teacher, guide, companion, light along the way, and midwife to my own growth and evolution.”

– Mary Jo Murray Greenbelt, MD

“After Vicki died, I found tapes that were made that were of great comfort to me.”

“Unbeknownst to me, my late wife, Vicki, was counseled by Cynthia for five years. After Vicki died, I found tapes that were made that were of great comfort to me. I started visiting Cynthia after Vicki’s unexpected death. Cynthia is warm, insightful, intelligent, and perceptive. After each session with Cynthia I am uplifted, awake and aware, ready to accept the past and the present, and to prepare for the challenges ahead. Visiting with Cynthia is a gift.”

– Michael Rosen. Former Exec Vice President, COO, Town and Country Apartments

“Deep respect for her talent and how she chooses to use it to help others…”

“Over the years Cynthia Miles through her intuition has shown me many hidden aspects of myself and the universe. I’m in deep respect of her talent and how she chooses to use it to help others.”

– Sarah Schussel, Emerald Films, New York, NY

“She has helped me heal every negative thought I have had of myself..”

“Cynthia has been my spiritual mentor for 3 years. With her extraordinary wisdom, support, and guidance, I have basically changed every single cell in my body. She has helped me to heal every negative thought I have had of myself and to realize that the person I have dreamt of becoming exists within me waiting to be created. With her infinite patience & knowledge, she has seen me through a once in a lifetime journey and I am deeply grateful.”

– Manjula Aggarwal, Tysons Corner, VA

“Cynthia has an uncanny and unique gift that never ceases to amaze me..”

“Cynthia has an uncanny and unique gift that never ceases to amaze me. Her ability to delve into the inner workings of a person’s being is one of her strongest skills. On several occasions, I have found myself explaining to her there was no possible way what she was relaying to me applied in my life….only to have to call her later and admit that she was right ( I hate that!). Cynthia has a way of getting under layers I didn’t even know existed.”

-Mary Byrne Baltimore, MD

“I’ve known Cynthia for over 10 years..”

“I’ve known Cynthia for over 10 years and her work has evolved incredibly. She’s one of the most amazing intuitives I’ve ever met. Her healing work and ability to read medical conditions with recommendations for getting well, are by far the most accurate and profound I’ve ever experienced. What I love most about Cynthia is her focus on our personal growth.”

– Sharon Fernandes, Santa Fe, NM

“Her methods enabled me to walk free of pain within several hours..”

“For years I have suffered from severe and at times disabling foot pain. Recently, the pain was so great I could barely walk and was prepared to cancel an important lecture trip at the last minute. I saw Cynthia about this. Her methods enabled me to walk free of pain within several hours. I kept the scheduled trip and have not experienced pain of that magnitude since. In her work, Cynthia induces a profoundly deep meditative state which cannot help but to be healing to the body and mind at many levels.”

-Robert Hand, Internationally acclaimed Astrologer/Author, Reston, VA

“Her intent is to help others..”

“Without reservation, I wish to express my acknowledgment of Cynthia Miles. She is not only a gifted intuitive from my personal experience, but she also has a uniquely high standard of integrity. Ms. Miles truly cares about people and her intent is to help others rather than merely seeking financial benefit. After knowing her for ten years, it is easy to say that she speaks from her heart where wisdom and keen insight resides.”

– Penelope Gourse, Attorney, Highland, MD

“I cannot state strongly enough the value of Cynthia’s gift..”

“Cynthia Miles, a dynamic, energetic and knowledgeable healer and very intuitive. I have known and been supported by Cynthia for several years. She has been very accurate over time, and helped to put things into a better perspective than I do. I cannot state strongly enough the value of Cynthia’s gift and would recommend her as a intuitive and as a healer who also knows a great deal about holistic medicine.”

– B.J. Fletcher, Alexandria, VA

“I have followed her via phone from Virginia to NYC to California and back to Virginia..”

“Cynthia has been my friend and counselor since 1991. I have followed her via phone from Virginia to NYC to California and back to Virginia. With her vast knowledge of many subjects and her intuitive abilities she has never failed to lift my spirits, give hope and guidance through difficult times. Her strength helps me to find my own.”

– Judy Bray

“She has an innate, intuitive ability to analyze problems..”

“Cynthia Miles is an extraordinarily astute business advisor. An experienced and successful businesswoman herself, she has an innate , intuitive ability to analyze problems, assess the players, summarize options, and work through optimal solutions. She listens; she counsels; she clarifies. Several of my clients have told me she was invaluable in helping them successfully navigate through perilous waters.”

Brad Cates, Attorney Dallas, Texas

December 26th, 2004

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