Hypnotherapy for Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms – Kristen has been working with Certified Hypnotherapist Cynthia Chauvin on her Multiple Sclerosis symptoms. After three months of sessions with Cynthia, her symptoms are gone and her MRI has come back with startling news.

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After 12 weekly sessions, Kristen got her MRI back, things are looking better



Sleep Disorder – Michelle’s Con Trace Can Sleep! – 10 years of a sleep disorder Michele brought her son Trace to see Cynthia. One session, about an hour, has given Trace, and the family, restful nights sleep for a year and counting!

Test Anxiety – Test Scores Improved!– Anna brought in her kids to work with Cynthia in hypnosis to help them with tests, and then she got some hypnosis as well!

Job Saved! – Jayne has some turbulence at work, but after listening toThe Golden Bubble and The Door Transformation her dilema was solved!!

Dentist – No more fear of the dentist! – Cris wasn’t really fond of the dentist, now she’s smooth sailn”!

Mid-Life Issues – Jim’s life is back on track!– Jim was 59, trying to change his life and business, and after his session with Cynthia everything – snap! – fell into place!

The Power of Hypnosis and The 10 Ways!– Dawn tells us why the combination of hypnosis and The 10 Ways book has such a tremendous impact on her love life!

Weight Loss – The power of hypnosis for Weight Loss!– How Hypnosis can be used to help you lose weight!

Weight Loss – Shirley’s breakthrough!– How Hypnosis can be used to help you lose weight!

What is Hypnosis? Do you have concerns? – Shirley tells you her experience!


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