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American Health Magazine reported the following findings from a study by Clinical Psychologist Alfred A. Barrios, PhD. An updated study “Hypnotherapy: A Reappraisal” by Alfred A. Barrios, Ph.D. published in Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice clearly points out – Hypnosis is more effective and works more quickly than traditional talk-therapy or psychoanalysis.

  • Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
  • Behavior Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
  • Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 6 sessions

Cynthia is a Certified Practioner of Eriksonian Hypnosis. With hypnosis Cynthia helps clients awaken inner resources and overcome blockages that prevent people from living their fullest life. These techniques are used by mental health professionals and Cynthia is fully trained in the application of the life altering technologies.  She has helped countless people become the best they can be, overcoming old patterns and releasing themselves to a whole new level of personal expression.


When Ben came to Cynthia his business and marriage were failing. He needed someone who could help him return his business to profitability, while guiding him through the emotional turmoil that his life had become. When Jevalia called Cynthia about her job hunt, Cynthia guided her to the best presentation of herself, helping her knock off some rough edges, while helping her target the best possible employers.

  • Cynthia is a Certified Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis. With hypnosis Cynthia helps clients awaken inner resources and overcome blockages that prevent people from living their fullest life.
  • Cynthia also was owner operator of two fast food franchises with 42 employees and she understands business, cashflow, landlords, all the elements that go into businesses large and small.
  • In addition Cynthia is an Intuitive Counselor with over 10,000 readings experience. She has excellent intuitive insight for life and business.

It is Cynthia’s ability to fuse all her gifts and experience that returned Ben’s businesses to profitability, and navigated his marriage to an equitable conclusion. It is Cynthia’s unique emotional life coaching combined with business acumen that helped Jevalia land a top corporate job.

Some clients just need hypnotherapy to overcome a fear. Some want a better view of their life’s potential and outlook. Others just need to talk through business issues.

You may need one thing, or all things.  Contact Cynthia today for your free consultation to see if her services are a fit for you.


What is Intuitive Counseling?

If you’ve ever had the experience of thinking of someone and a few minutes later hearing from them, you have experienced “intuition” – that sense that reality isn’t quite what we experience on a daily basis. Now imagine that sense was magnified for you, happening everyday all day to the point that you started telling things to people which later came to fruition. And after a years of first resisting this ability you finally thought you could put it to good use. This is Cynthia’s world and her life – a gift she has chosen to help others with.

Cynthia uses her unique insight as well as her relationship and business acumen – Cynthia owned two fast food franchises –  to help people negotiate life’s challenges and has done so for over 10,000 individual client sessions in the following areas:

  • Relationships and Dating
  • Healthy and Happy Marriage
  • Pregnancy and Child Rearing
  • Smart Divorce
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Career and Salary Negotiation
  • Business ideation and strategy
  • Legal Battles

Some of her successes include:

  • Instrumental in closing a $10mm settlement against a major corporation
  • Worked with clients to recover over $500,000 from fraudulent investments
  • Helped negotiate smart high stakes divorces for both men and women

Simply put, Cynthia has that extra “thing” that gives her clients the edge.

Do you need an edge?

Cynthia is does one-on-one appointments in-person as well as over the phone. Her clients are local in the DC area as well as all over the United States, from California to Maine. She also has clients around the globe including England, the Netherlands, Dubai, China, France and Brazil.

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